Dr. Krasikov V. - Head of Laboratory.
Navigation star sensors SW development project management, thematic and general image processing.

Khorokhorin D. - System Administrator.
IBM PC and Unix System administration.

Dr. Kuzmin A. - Senior Researcher, System Analyst
Real Time Data Processing project management, Image Co-registration, Image preprocessing and enchancement.

Dr. Shamis V. - Senior Researcher, Senior Analyst/Programmer.
General Image processing project management, Image and Speech Compression, Image processing SW development.

Sobchuck V. - Senior Analyst/Programmer
Navigation star sensors SW development, general image processing SW development.

Snetkova N. - Analyst/Programmer.
Navigation star sensors SW development, thematic image processing SW development.

Zenkin I. - Analyst/Programmer.
Housekeeping data processing, stereo and 3D image processing.

Laboratory staff is looking for the grants and the contracts for the following objectives. Our Proposals can be Presented on Request!

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Last modified at June,26,1997