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Northern Eurasian GOFC/GOLD Fire Network Workshop in support of the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI)

Satellite-based fire monitoring network in Northern Eurasia: Methods, Data Products, Applications

Moscow, Space Research Institute, November 17, 2004

Dear colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in Northern Eurasian GOFC/GOLD Fire Network Workshop Satellite-based fire monitoring network in Northern Eurasia: Methods, Data Products, Applications, which will take place on November 17, 2004 in the Space Research Institute in Moscow, Russia. It is held in support of the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI).

The workshop is organized in conjunction with the conference CURRENT PROBLEMS OF THE EARTHS REMOTE SENSING FROM SPACE held on November 16-18.

The workshop will address the following issues:

  • Status, goals and objectives of the network: most urgent tasks and priorities.
  • Building and operating the network: current capabilities, architecture, data used, and perspectives.
  • Procedures, methods and validation techniques: data sets, product validation protocols, access to data and validation results for the scientific community.
  • Use of infrastructure, data, and methodological approaches of the network in scientific research and operational applications.

Preliminary agenda

Session 1. Status, goals and objectives of the network: the closest goals and priorities
  • Csiszar I. Rationale and status of the Northern Eurasian GOFC/GOLD regional fire network
  • Loupian E.A., Kolodyazhny A.A., Katkovsky L.V., Lyalko V.I., Terekhov A.G., Spivak L.F. Cooperation of Russian organizations in fire monitoring systems development and the opportunities for cooperation with Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakh organizations

Session 2. Operational systems of fire monitoring and fire situation in Northern Eurasia (Issues of system building and functioning, fire situation, available data and problems)
Moderator: Bartalev S.A.
  • Sherstyukov B.G., Razuvayev V.N., Groissman P.Ya., Knight R.V., Inloe J.G. Estimates of Forest Fire Susceptibility from Meteorological Data
  • Sukhinin A.I., McRae D., Ponomarev E.I. Satellite Monitoring of Fire Danger in Eastern Siberian Forests
  • Ershov D.V., Efrmov V.Yu., Ilyin V.O., Krasheninnikova Yu.S., Loupian E.A., Mazurov A.A., Proshin A.A., Flitman E.V. Operational Data Use within the Information System for Remote Sensing of Forest Fires
10:25-10:45 Break


Session 2 (continued)
Moderator: Sukhinin A.I.
  • Arkhipkin O.P., Spivak, L.F., Sagatdinova G.N. Operational Satellite Forest Fire Monitoring over Western Kazakhstan
  • Bartalev S.A., Egorov V.A., Loupian E.A., Uvarov I.A. Estimates of Terristrial Ecosystems Area Damaged by Fires in 2001-2003 from SPOT-Vegetation Satellite Data
  • Solovyov V.S., Kozlov V.I. Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Forest Fires in Eastern Siberia
  • Kharuk V.I., Ranson K.J., Dvinskaya M.L. Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Fire in Larch Zone
11:45-12:00 Introduction of posters

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Poster session
Moderator: Ershov D.V.
  • Aleksanin A.I., Kruglov M.V. Assessment of Attribute Informativity for Fire Detection from NOAA (AVHRR) Satellites
  • Altyntsev D.A., Abushenko A.N., Tashchilin S.A. Program Complex for Visual Fire Hotspot Detection from NOAA/AVHRR and EOS/TERRA Satellite Imagery
  • Altyntsev D.A., Semenov S.M., Tashchilin S.A. Fire Detection Using Image Recognition Theory. Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches
  • Ershov D.V., Panova O.V. Using MODIS Spectroradiometer for Burned Area Detection and Accounting
  • Zubkov I.A., Platonov V.V., Skripachev V.O., Shkolnikov V.V. Enhancement of Fire Detection Coordinates Precision by Compensating for Stabilization Vibration of a Satellite
  • Artamonova Yu.V. A Structure for Simultaneous Data Processing from Middle-Altitude and High-Altitude Satellite Systems for Forest Fire Monitoring
  • Abel Calle, Julia Sanz, Alfredo Romo and Jose-Luis Casanova Detection of forest fires in China through the ENVISAT-AATSR sensor
  • Galeev A.A., Ershov, D.V., Loupian E.A., Mazurov A.A., Tashchilin S.A., Proshin A.A., Flitman E.V. Approaches to Satellite Forest Fire Monitoring Data Archiving
  • Bartalev S.A., Belyaev A.I., Egorov V.A., Ershov D.V., Korovin G.N., Korshunov N.A., Kotelnikov R.V., Loupian E.A. Validation of Hotspot Detection and Burned Area Estimates from Satellite Monitoring
  • Loboda, T.V. and Csiszar, I.A. Estimating burned area from AVHRR and MODIS: validation results and sources of error
  • Resels I.P. Mapping Atmospheric Emissions from Forest Fires from Remotely Sensed Data
  • Amber J. Soja; Paul W. Stackhouse Jr.; Anatoly I. Sukhinin; Herman H. Shugart; Susan G. Conard; and W. and Randy Cofer. Quantifying Fire Emissions From Siberia: An Application of Satellite-based Fire Monitoring
  • Marchenko N., Landscape-ecology methods for forest fires monitoring in Northern Eurasia.
  • Egorov V.A., Bartalev S.A. Analysis of SPOT-Vegetation satellite data time series for fire damaged vegetation detection in Northern Eurasia.

Session 3: Procedures, methods and validation techniques for algorithms and processing procedures: archived data, discussion on approaches to validation, main goals of validation, organization of data access for scientific community. (15 min each)
Moderator: Ivan Csiszar
  • Abushenko N.A., Altyntsev D.A., Semenov S.M. Analysis of the Satellite Methods for Forest Fire Detection Efficiency
  • J.L. Casanova, A. Calle, A. Romo and J. Sanz Forest fire detection and monitoring by means of an integrated MODIS-MSG system
  • Afonin S.V., Belov V.V., Engel M.V. MODIS Satellite Data Validation
  • Csiszar, I.A., T.V. Loboda, J. T. Morisette and L. Giglio Evaluation of MODIS fire products in Northern Eurasia using ASTER and ETM+
  • Zhukov B., Oertel D., Lorenz E., Ziman Ya., Csiszar I. Comparison of fire detection and quantitative characterization by MODIS and BIRD.
  • Lagutin A.A. Belousov V.N., Nikulin Yu.A., Bugaev V.V., Osadchiy K.I., Sinitsyn V.V., Frolova E.A. Forest Fire Monitoring Using MODIS Spectroradiometer
4:00-4:15 Break


Session 4: Discussion: The potential of the infrastructure, data and methodology for use for scientific applications.
Moderator: Loupian E.A.

The working languages of the workshop will be Russian and English, with synchronous translation provided.

We hope that you will be able to participate in the workshop and make an oral and/or poster presentation. Please submit an abstract (300 words maximum) at your earliest convenience, but no later than the registration deadline indicated below.

The material of the workshop presentations will be published in a conference proceedings series. Details on the format and submission of the conference papers will be available later.

We also hope that you will be able to participate in the work of other breakout sessions and the plenary sessions. Synchronous translation of the plenary sessions and some other principal sessions into English will also be provided.

The registration deadline is October 1, 2004. Registration fee for international participants is $50. Registration fee for Russian participants is waived.

Registration form

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  • IKI location (near Kaluzhskaya metro station)
  • Metro map

    Workshop organizers:

  • Evgeny Loupian, Space Research Institute, RAS
  • Dmitry Ershov, Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity, RAS
  • Ivan Csiszar, Department of Geography, University of Maryland