Space Research Institute

Space Research Institute


Dr. Anatoly Petrukovich, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Science Advisor
Academician Prof. Dr. Lev Zelenyi

Academic secretary
Dr. Andrey Sadovsky

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(as of 2015; note that only the main departments are listed; omitted are technical and service departments)

Scientific Departments
    Space Geophysics
    head Prof. Dr. Nikolai Erokhin
      Theoretical and numerical approach to study Earth and space multi scale phenomena, such as tornadoes, plasma waves and Earth-ionosphere-magnetosphere interactions.
      Space dust physics

    High Energy Astrophysics
    head Dr. Mikhail Pavlinsky
    scientific advisor academician Rashid Sunyaev
      Theory and observations of the Universe in the most extreme X-ray and gamma wavebands
      X-ray detectors and instruments development

    Planetary Physics
    head Dr. Oleg Korablev
      Studying other planets from space and in-situ, theory, numerical calculations and modelling
      Instruments design for planetary research

    Space Plasma Physics
    head Dr. Anatoly Petrukovich
      Theory of space plasma, observations, active and passive experiments from space and on the Earth
      Solar wind, and interplanetary medium
      Solar-terrestrial relations
      Space weather
      Solar influence over biological systems

    Earth Research from Space
    head Prof. Dr. Evgeny Sharkov
      Developing new approaches to study Earth from space, experiments and modelling
      Instruments design for Earth remote sensing
      Satellite data processing

    Earth Remote Sensing Technologies
    head Dr. Evgeny Lupian
      Information geosystems based on satellite data, archiving and processing

    Optical and Physical Research
    head Dr. Roman Bessonov
    scientific advisor Dr. Genrih Avanesov
      Navigation instruments, including Sun and star trackers Space television sets and cameras

    Space Dynamics and Mathematical Information Processing
    head Dr. Ravil Nazirov
      Space ballistics
      Mathematical methods applied to data processing

    Nuclear Planetology
    head Prof. Dr. Igor Mitrofanov
      Neutron and gamma spectroscopy of planets
      Gamma-bursts observations

    Theoretical and Observational Astrophysics and Radiointerferometry
    head Dr. Sergey Moiseenko
      Magnetohydrodynamics in stars and other astrophysical objects
      Radio, sub-millimetre and millimetre astrophysical instruments development
      Very Long Base Interferometry
Integrated Departments
    Onboard and Special Instruments R&D head Ilya Chulkov
      Complete cycle of instrument development

    Patenting and Innovation Management
    head Galina Ustinova
Information Processing
    Computer Nets and High-Performance Clusters
    head Alexander Alexandrov
      Local networks and computational facilities Russian Space Science Internet

    Ground Control and Operation Complexes
    head Vladimir Nazarov
      Flight control and operation centres, distributed computer environment
Educational Outreach Centre
head Dr. Andrei Sadovsky
    Working with schools and universities
    Exhibition centre

Technical Departments
    Infrastructure to facilitate instrument development
Engineering Departments
    Pilot Production
    head Nikolai Kharchenko

    Testbed Facilities
    head Sergey Babishin
      Including thermal vacuum chambers, climatic, mechanical, and electromagnetic testbeds