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Mission overview

Prognoz satellite (ISZ)
  1. antenna of the low-frequency radiation receiver of the electromagnetic field
  2. low gain antenna
  3. sun-oriented sensor
  4. platform with sensors of scientific instrumentation
  5. antenna of the long-wave radiation receiver
  6. low gain antenna
  7. panel of solar batteries
  8. magnetometer bar
Prognoz is the name of the once soviet Earth research artificial satellites (ISZ for Russian) meant to study processes of solar activity, their influence on interplanetary environment and the Earth magnetosphere.

The mass of the ISZ Prognoz is 850-900 kg. Prognoz consists of the hermetically sealed cylinder-shaped mainframe (of 2 m diameter) with spherical bottoms. Inside the mainframe (of the 0,925 m height) the platform with instrumentation and equipment is located. The sensors and units of the scientific instrumentation as well as cylinders (containers, envelopes) etc. are installed on the outside surface of the mainframe. During flight Prognoz is sun-oriented with its lengthwise axis. This specified position is provided by the system of orientation and maintained by rotation around the longitudinal axis. The system of orientation includes the solar sensor, control units and controlling reactive nozzles operating on the compressed nitrogen.

Power supply of the board instrumentation is provided by solar batteries (4 plane panels unfolding when taken to the orbit; with the 6 m span) and floating battery. The system of temperature control is active; the side surface of the hermetically sealed body is used as a radiation surface; the rest of the mainframe is protected by the shield-vacuum thermal insulation. The board radio complex ensures the receipt of radio commands from the Earth, measurement of the orbit parameters and transmission of telemetric information. The telemetric system is equipped with the memory facility for registering information between radio sessions and for subsequent its transmission to the Earth during another communication session.

Prognoz Launches

Designation Launch date Mission Perigee/Apogee
initial, km
Prognoz 1 05941/72029A 14 Apr 1972 solar wind and magnetosphere study 1005/199667 65° 5782.1
Prognoz 2 06068/72046A 29 Jun 1972 solar wind and magnetosphere study 517/201804 65.3° 5849.2
Prognoz 3 06364/73009A 15 Feb 1973 solar wind and magnetosphere study 590/200000 65° 5783
Prognoz 4 08510/75122A 22 Dec 1975 solar wind and magnetosphere study 634/199000 65° 5740
Prognoz 5 09557/76112A 25 Nov 1976 solar wind and magnetosphere study 777/198560 65.2° 5728
Prognoz 6 10370/77093A 22 Sep 1977 solar wind and magnetosphere study 488/197867 65° 5688
Prognoz 7 11088/78101A 30 Oct 1978 solar wind and magnetosphere study 472/202627 64.9 ° 5881.1
Prognoz 8 12116/80103A 25 Dec 1980 solar wind and magnetosphere study 978/197364 65.8 ° 5687.8
Prognoz 9
14163/83067A 1 Jul1983 radio astronomy
and Sun study
480/700000 65 ° 35339.5
Prognoz 10
15661/85033A 26 Apr 1985 solar wind and magnetosphere study 5975/194734 65 ° 5783.7
Prognoz 11
Interball Tail Probe
23633/95039A 2 Aug 1995 solar wind and magnetosphere study 505/193064 63.8° 5472
Prognoz 12
Interball Auroral Probe
24291/96050B 29 Aug 1996 aurora study 782/19140 62.8° 347

  • Molnia M launcher is used.

  • Prognoz 1-10 were launched from Tyuratam/Baikonur.

  • Prognoz 11,12 were launched from Plesetsk.


    Prognoz10Prognoz10 before startPrognoz10Final Assembly
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