Equipment for digital communications


Reception and transmission of digital data on the ground and onboard.


The set of equipment includes 8-mm band transmitting/receiving module (TRM), 1.5-cm band multi-channel receiver, and 2-cm band receiving module.

TRM, operating in 8-mm range, assures two-way communication with up to 10 Mbaud rate (3336 GHz input/output frequency).

The 1.5-cm receiver is designed for receiving the service and scientific data from the space radio interferometer in 1826 GHz frequency range (8 channels) with up to 36 Mbaud data transfer rate.

Receiving 2-cm band module uses quadrature phase modulation and receives information with 75 Mbaud data transfer rate.

Receivers include low noise frequency synthesizers, that can be synchronized by external standard clock.

Currently test versions of instruments are available.

Main characteristics

Mass 0.315 kg

Power consumption 550 W

Radiating power 200 mW

Operating frequency range 3336; 1826; 15 GHz

1.5-cm multi-channel receiver

8-mm Tx/Rx module


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