Microsatellite bus «Chibis»


  • Monitoring of the atmosphere, ionosphere, and the Earth’s surface.
  • Monitoring of natural and antropogenic catastrophic events.
  • Educational programs.


    The first microsatellite of IKI RAN Kolibri-2000 was designed in the frame of Russian-Australian educational project and was launched from the ISS orbit in 2002. Presently, the second microsatellite Chibis is under development.

    The scientific payload of MS can include: Main characteristics

    Total mass                                                            ~40 kg

    Payload mass                                                       12.5 kg

    Mass of onboard service systems                        18.2 kg

    Mass of structure and thermal control system      9.3 kg

    Lifetime                                                              ~2 years

    Orientation                                       3-axial with capability
    of attitude maneuvers

    Power of energy supply system                             ~50 W

    Data transmission rate                                     128 Kbit/s

    Chibis computer model


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