Plasma particle spectrometers for space missions


Measurements of energy-angle spectra of charged particle fluxes in various energy and density ranges in the ionospheric, magnetospheric and interplanetary plasmas for: Description Currently instruments are developed for Russian scientific space projects Resonance, Interheliozond and others. Energy and angular resolution depends on the project goals and determines the number of detector units to be used.

Main characteristics

Energy range                                                                        

hot plasma                                                0.02–30 keV

cold plasma                                                      0–30 eV

energetic plasma                                    0.02–10 MeV

interplanetary plasma                                  0.4–8 keV

Energy resolution                                          up to 5–10 %

Mass (one unit)                                                         2–3 kg

Power                                                                          2–3 W

Data flow rate                                                       1–4 kbit/s



FGUP NITs SNIIP (Russia), KFKI (Hungary), CESR (France).


R.A. Kovrazhkin +7(495)333-54-77,
G.A. Kotova +7(495)333-32-89,
A.A. Petrukovich +7(495)333-32-67,
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