Two-Polarization Radar


Studies of the sea surface in the coastal area and for support of satellite observations.


Two-polarization high resolution radar with digital interface forms radar images, with which following tasks can be solved:
  1. measurements of spatial-frequency spectra of sea waves,
  2. measurements of the surface currents,
  3. determination of an interchange of energy between the ocean and the atmosphere from to the observations of the surface wave breaking,
  4. detection of sea surface pollution,
  5. determination of the sea bottom topography.
During 19992005 the instrument was used in a number of field experiments. In the present time the coherent radar is developed with the range resolution less then 0.5 m and ability to measure the Doppler spectra of backscattered by the sea surface signals.

Main characteristics

Frequency 9800 MHz

Pulse Power 6 KW

Pulse Duration 50 ns

Pulse repetition frequency 2000 Hz

Antenna beam width 10×220

Number of range gates 256


General view of Radar


M. Raev, Head of laboratory
M. Bulatov, Head of laboratory +7(495)333-35-33,