Optico-electronic Instruments for the Phobos-Grunt Mission


Navigation in the near planetary space, Mars and Phobos observations.


TSNN the TV-System for Navigation and Guidance is being developed for solving housekeeping and scientific tasks including: TSNN consists of two television cameras and a powerful data processing computer.

Main Characteristics of TV-cameras

Narrow- Wide-
angle angle

Focal length, mm 500 18

Photoreceiver type CCD array

Angular field of view, deg 2.4 32.4

Mass, kg 2.8 1.5

Power consumption, W 7 7

Number of TV-cameras 2 2

KNM Mars Observation Camera is being designed as the scientific instrument of the Phobos-Grunt mission. The data acquired with this camera will be used for long-term monitoring of the Red Planet's surface and atmosphere: seasonal and diurnal variations of the surface and climatic processes, polar cap boundary dynamics, dust storms, clouds, atmosphere composition analysis with limb observations.

Imaging is controlled from the Earth. The data is transmitted after preliminary compression. Technical parameters are under consideration.

Both instruments are developed for Russian Phobos-Grunt project.


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