High resolution IR-spectrometer


Determination of concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) from ground-based or spacecraft platforms.


Compact eschelle spectrometer is built by autocollimation scheme with diffraction grating operating in high orders of diffraction, allowing thereby to reach the resolution up to λ/Δλ ≈ 20 000.

The spectrometer uses vertical separation of input and output optical beams and horizontal scanning of the spectrum. The selection of working orders of diffraction can be done either by four band-pass filters (~100 cm1) or by using the method of acousto-optical filtering.

For observations at the ground-based platforms and aboard the ISS the instrument modification RUSALKA will be used. The spectrometer Orakul is designed for using aboard small satellites.

The ground-based observations will be conducted at the Zvenigorod station, in the Taman fault zone, at the Issyk-Kul meteostation, by mobile laboratory TROIKA, at meteorological station on Obninsk, and in the Reims university (France).

Currently the flight model of Orakul is being produced.

Main characteristics

Spectral resolution not less 20 000

Working spectral ranges 760, 1270 nm (2)

1580 nm (2)

1640 nm (4)

Field of view from 500 km orbit 0.3×3 km

Power consumption ~2 W

Mass 12 kg



The instrument is developed in cooperation with IFA RAN, IZMIRAN, NPO TAIFUN, IG RAN, Reims university (France).


V.I. Gnedykh +7(495)333-41-02, victor@irn.iki.rssi.ru
I.I. Vinogradov imant@iki.rssi.ru