• measurements of quasistatic and alternative magnetic fields at low Earth orbits and in the deep space;
  • monitoring of electromagnetic emissions in the spacecraft environment (electromagnetic cleanness of the spacecraft system and payload);
  • magnetic sounding of celestial bodies.


    The system consists of: Magnetometry experiments are presently developed and manufactured for the Russian Spectr-R, Phobos-Grunt space missions, Chibis microsatellite and experiment Trabant at the ISS.

    Main characteristics

    Magnetic strength range for quasistatic field

    in deep space 1000 nT

    on LEO 64 000 nT


    DC magnetic field 0.1 nT

    AC magnetic field 5×105 nT Hz1/2

    Frequency range

    fluxgate sensor 01000 Hz

    search coil sensor 10106 Hz

    Sensor weight 0.10.3 kg

    Residual magnetization < 0.01 /m2

    Weight of MERM < 12 kg


    Mendeleev metrological Institute, Mag-Sensors company (St.-Peterburg). Lvov Centre of Space Research Institute (Lvov, Ukraine).


    S.I. Klimov, Head of laboratory +7(495)333-11-00,
    A.A. Skalsky +7(495)333-40-24,