ATR-spectroscopy aboard landers MATROS


Registration of Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) spectrum of a sample, contacting with the ATR-prism. The goals: Description

The Instrument includes miniature Fourier-spectrometer and IR-source, changeable or cleanable ATR-prisms.

The design is based on the experience in creating flight Fourier-spectrometers (FS-1/4, PFS) and in laboratory ATR-studies of minerals and biologic objects.

The ATR-technique was not used before in planetary exploration experiments and its development is aimed for future projects for Mars exploration.

Main characteristics

Spectral range 325 μm

Spectral resolution 3 cm1

Mass 2 kg

Power consumption 10 W


ATR-spectra of specified mineral powders

The bacteria growth on the ATR-prism progressively deepens the Amide-2 protein band


GEOKHI RAN, ISAN, Biology department of MSU.


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