Multi-element X-ray detection module


Detection and spectrometry of hard X-ray radiation with the possibility of assembling of large area position-sensitive detectors.


The module is a hybrid integrated circuit, manufactured by the thick film technology. 32 CdZnTe-detectors are fixed on the top surface of the ceramic substrate; these detectors provide high X-ray detection efficiency and allow operation under moderate cooling (to 3040) ). The design of module enables tight mounting for composing of detection plane the required size. The module is currently under development for the coded mask X-ray telescopes for the SRG/eROSITA/Lobster project.

Main characteristics

Detector size 4.0×4.0×2.5 mm

Number of detectors 32

Module size 37.6×18.8×20.0 mm

Energy range 10150 keV

Energy resolution

(for energy) (FWHM) 1.5 (10), 3.0 (60);

6.0 (150) keV

Operating temperatures (355)

Dead time of detection 20 μs

Power consumption, W 0.2

X-ray detection modules

241Am X-ray spectrum




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