Martian mini station (MMS)


Meteorological, seismic and electromagnetic observations on the surface of the Mars with the network of MMSs.


The MMS equipment includes all devices needed for autonomous MMS operation and ensures operability in the whole temperature range during the Martian year in different regions of the Martian surface. During cold periods the MMS is heated with the radioactive source. As a primary electric power source the thermoelectric generators (238Pu) and solar panels are used. The radio system (transmitter, receiver and antenna) is capable to transmit information to the Martian orbiter with 128 kbit/s and receive control commands. The MMS structure and equipment withstand acceleration up to 500 g during landing.

Main characteristics

The mass of descent module, carrying the MMS before separation from the spacecraft, is 18 kg. It includes the aerodynamic braking shield, the inflatable elements, the penetrator-type shock-absorption system and the MMS itself.

The mass of MMS (the structure, deployable boom and radio antenna, the service and scientific equipment) is 4 kg.

The scientific equipment of MMS includes: The development of MMS and its entry and descent system is currently carried out by the contract between the Finnish meteorological institute, Finland, IKI and NPO S.A. Lavochkin.


ZAO Biapos, OOO Infratron, OKB MEI, ZAO Interastro.


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