Low-frequency electromagnetic sounding instrument for subsurface studies


Subsurface conductivity measurements down to 200–300 m with inductive transient electromagnetic sounding, aimed at the survey of structure, composition and variations in subsurface planetary horizons.


Inductive electrical survey is performed using loop antennas spread on the surface. The depth of exploration is proportional to geometric dimensions of antennas and amounts to hundreds of meters.

Due to low mass (<1 kg) the instrument can be used both for space missions and for ground field surveys.

The instrument prototype was developed for project Mars-96. The new generation instrument is currently under testing.

Main characteristics

Measured voltage range                               10 μV – 10 V

Measured resistivity range                         from fractions

                                    to hundreds of thousands Ohm·m

Registration time                                           116 000 μs

Mass                                                               approx 1.5 kg

Power (sounding/measuring/ stand by)     24/2/0.01 W

Geometry                                               one-loop/two-loop

Depth resolution                                                     about 1 %

General view


Yu. Ozorovich yozorovi@iki.rssi.ru