Miniaturized panoramic plasma analyzers


Fast detailed measurements of velocity distributions of ions (with mass resolution) and electrons in the interplanetary medium, in the Earth’s magnetosphere, and in the planetary environments.


Measurements of charged particles are performed simultaneously over a half-space of velocity directions at the fixed energy. Energy scan is performed within 0.1–1.0 s. The novel detection scheme includes electrostatic mirror system, time-of-flight mass-spectrometer (for ions), and position-sensitive detector.

The design is based on the experience of Interball and Mars-96 missions. Currently following new instruments are in development: PICAM for ESA’s Bepi-Colombo project, DI for Russian Phobos-Grunt project, IONCAM and ELCAM for Russian Resonance project.

Main characteristics

Mass (with one analyzer)                                  0.6–1.2 kg

Consumption                                                                  4 W

Energy range                                                10–10 000 eV

Energy resolution                                                 10–20 %

Mass resolution ̀/Δ̀                                       100–1000

Unobscured field of view                                             > 2π


Laboratory prototype

Electro-optics of panoramic mass-analyzer


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