Real-time control systems


Automatic real-time control of scientific instruments and/or operational units, data processing, storage and transfer.


This PC104-based device is a robust real-time control system of high reliability and readiness with possibility of embedding. QNX operational system allows using sophisticated software, multitasking, TCP/IP protocols and modern friendly user interface. The instrument is equipped with a set of standard interfaces and can be augmented with non-standard protocols. Currently under development are versions of the instrument for the MVN astrophysical experiment aboard the International Space Station and for the automated landing or docking control system.

Main characteristics

Mass 1.5 kg

Dimensions 140×140×210 mm

Processor unit x86/400 MHz

Operational system QNX

Memory Flash 1 GByte

Environmental conditions hermetic container,
virbro and shock proof

Temperature 40+85



Department of high-energy astrophysics, laboratory of electronics
Ilya Chulkov, Head of laboratory +7(495)333-45-23,,
Mike Buntov +7(495)333-45-23,