Solar Tracker (OSD)


Determination of the direction towards the center of the Sun’s visible disc relative to spacecraft axes.


The direction to the Sun is computed in the instrument coordinate system relative to the pixels' position on the linear CCDs, illuminated with the light passing through the coding mask.

The OSD flight tests are planned for 2006.

Main characteristics

Mass                                                                          0.45 kg

Power consumption                                                   2.5 W

Dimensions,                                       120×112×72.5 mm

Data updatement period                                       250 ms

Lifetime                                                                   20 000 h

Accuracy (3σ) for the SC angular velocity:

less than 0.1 deg./s                                       3 arcmin

less than 1.0 deg./s                                       5 arcmin

Field of view, deg

in the plane OXZ                                          –60…+60°

in the plane OYZ                                          –31…+31°

Optical Solar Tracker (OSD)

Field of View


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