Wide-angle telescopes for photometry and polarimetry in optical and infrared ranges


Investigation of the Earth’s atmosphere, comets, interplanetary and interstellar medium with brightness and linear polarization measurements of extended sources and sky background in optical and infrared spectral ranges.


The devices are small diameter telescopes with CCD-detectors for optical and infrared spectral range with spectral and polarization filters. For higher sensitivity, cooling to cryogenic temperatures is possible. Currently produced are: the lab model of cooled 15 cm telescope for IR IKON and GROT sky surveys, monitor of IR background illumination for Altai optic and laser center; polarimeter for night and twilight sky.

Main characteristics

Spectral band                                                     0.4–12 μm

Field of view                                                             0.2–20°

Angle resolution                                            0.2–2 arcmin

Time resolution                                                     0.2–20 s

Optics diameter                                             30300 mm

15-cm telescope with cooling down to 80 K


FGUP NPK GOI S.I. Vavilov (St.-Petersburg), FGUP NPO Orion (Moscow), IPF RAN (Nizhny Novgorod)


I.A. Maslov, O.S. Ugolnikov +7(495)333-40-11, imaslov@iki.rssi.ru