Thermodynamic system for satellite attitude determination (TDSAD)


Determination of spacecraft attitude and angular velocities of its rotation relative to the Sun- directed and Earth (planet)-directed axes.


The TDSAD is principally novel system for determination of spacecraft attitude relative to directions to the Sun and to the Earth, using temperatures of several thermo sensitive units (TSU), located on spacecraft body.

The system includes interface card, connecting cables and 12 thermo sensitive units (TSU), each of which consists of heat-absorbing surface and thermo-resistive sensor.

For TSU data processing a special computer algorithm is used.

The system is covered by Patent 2126137, 1999 with priority date of 26.02.98.

Currently two test versions are available.

Main characteristics

Accuracy of angular position determination 0.5

Range of allowable angular velocities
of space vehicle rotation 015 deg./min

Power consumption of one TSU/total 0.01/3.5 W

Mass 0.37 kg


of one TSU 20×20×15 mm

of interface card 100×50×10 mm

The system for satellite attitude determination (TDSAD)


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