Units and elements of flight and airborne systems


  • Power supply modules.
  • Drives for mechanical units.
  • Control systems.

    Description and main characteristics

    Onboard units for various applications:

    Power supply modules MVIP for onboard instrumentation of the Spectr-R Radioastron mission. Includes 6 galvanically isolated outputs. Output power is 31 W. The module has been produced for the Astro Space Center FIAN in 2005.

    Drive units BSKR-T and PKR-T. Double-axes drive BSKR-T and frame-scan drive PKR-T to be used in multispectral scanner in the geostationary orbit with torque motor controllers, efficiency factor for scanning 1/10.

    Testing equipment. Conduction and automation of ground development tests of space instruments. A number of GSE have been produced in IKI, e.g. for series of star sensors BOKZ, AIS, KMSS/MSU.

    Baloon control console for SKU-PM balloon. It performs acquisition of attitude data, state of the air-gas system and controls the air-gas system units, light and anti-ice devices.

    Currently in the production stage.

    Balloon control panel and console

    Test equipment BOKZ


    FGUP RNII KP, ZAO Avgur-Aerostatic systems.


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