Interball Workshop, February 11-13, 1998

On February 11-13 1998 at Kiljavanranta near Helsinki an Interball project meeting was organized by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Russian Space Research Institute (IKI). More than 80 participants from countries participating in the Interball mission discussed various problems of space plasma in light of new results from the project. Main attention was devoted to mechanisms and manifestations of magnetospheric substorms, as observed from space and from ground observations. Four time intervals were selected for a coordinated data analysis. Description of these events and preliminary explanations and interpretations are shown below as it emerged from analysis made mainly in IKI and amplified during the meeting.

All participants of the meeting are welcome to join the analysis of these substorm events by adding the data, interpretations and modelling.

In few photos below one could feel the friendly atmosphere of the meeting. The workshop seems to be very effective and important first step was done in our collective efforts to get a deeper insight into the physics of substorms - one of the most spectacular and important phenomena of the Nature.

All participants are very grateful to the FMI collegues for the very effective, smooth and productive organization of the workshop. The next project meeting will be held in Russia in the winter of 1999 at some nice place (TBD) near Moscow. On the last day the main topics of the next meetind were identified. Below one could see their list with scientific motivations and some ideas for practical implementation. This list is also open for discussion and extension. Please send your comments/corrections/suggestions aimed to amplify the already rich output of the project.

Wishing successful scientific work,
Lev M. Zelenyi.

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Dr. V.Lutsenko: Can you imagine an acceleration mechanism in magnetotail for such observations?Intense discussion: "Are substorms driven or internal?"...N.Borodkova and A.Yahnin: satellite and ground data will be coordinated!
First day: main preparations for the meeting are done. Organizers might relax a bit.Anssi Mallki and Lev Zelenyi both are very happy: good start leads to a happy end.V.Sergeev and A.Yahnin. Interball ground based observation group is already on a solid ground.