Институт Космических Исследований
Институт Космических Исследований
Space Research Institute


Conference on Planetary studies devoted to 75-th anniversary of V.I. Moroz

16 October 2006, IKI
Entrance through section A4
16 October, Conference hall

10:00OpeningL.M. Zelenyi, D. Le Queau
10:10-10:40P. DrossartFrom Venera to Venus Express : the legacy from V.I. Moroz
10:40-11:10J.L. BertauxRevisiting Vega 1 and 2 atmospheric vertical profiles of SO2 in the light of recent Venus measurements: volcanoes, or atmospheric dynamics?
11:10-11:40D. TitovFirst results of Venus Express
11:40Coffee break 
12:00-12:30L. KsanfomalitiElectrical discharges in Venus’ atmosphere. Where do they occur?
12:30-13:00G. ArnoldFrom Venus to Mars – aspects of the scientific and technical Russian-German cooperation in planetary Interferometry
13:00-13:30J.P. BibringFrom IKS/VEGA to OMEGA/Mars Express: 20 years of exemplary cooperation
15:00-15:30M. CombesResults obtained in cooperation with Vasily Moroz from IKS on-board VEGA and ISM on-board PHOBOS missions
15:30-16:00S. FontiWater related minerals: has Mars Express changed our perspective?
16:00Coffee break 
16:20-16:40A. CherepashukV.I. Moroz and Sternberg Astronomical Institute
16:40-17:00J. BlamontFriendly remembrances of Vassily Ivanovitch Moroz
17:00-17:30D. CruikshankV.I. Moroz and the Icy Satellites of the Outer Planets
17:30Open exchangeRecollections about Vassily Ivanovich
19:00Informal part