Space Research Institute RAS Space experiment "OBSTANOVKA 1-st stage" on Russian Segment of ISS

S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia


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Plasma-wave processes-component part of the Space Weather. This approach is based on one of the contemporary physical ideas - view on the plasma, including plasma in the outer space as to the dynamic medium with the charged particles and the wide spectrum of plasma wave motions and heterogeneities.

Fig. 1. View of the Russian segment of ISS.

Fig. 2. Location of measuring blocks and booms on hand-rail 02.

The Obstanovka-1st stage will be carried out to provide a databank of electromagnetic fields and of plasma-wave processes occurring in the ISS near-surface zone (NSZ) to account for the influences of the plasma component factors of near-Earth space (NES), including influence of an artificial origin.During November 2005 the integration of engineering model of the PWS will be executed in IKI. In 2006 testing of engineering model of the PWS will be made in RSK "Energia". The realization of experiment on board RS ISS is planned for first half of 2007.Each space experiment gives best results when it is accompanied by coordinated ground based observations. The development of the coordinated ground observations program accompanying the Obstanovka experiment started in 2005. Regional planning meeting for the Balkan and Black Sea region ( recommended to organize the coordinated ground observations too.The "Obstanovka" experiment enters into the Program of the space education, realized on RS ISS and was presented on the EOEM Topical Group Meeting. For education purpose the part of the physical parameters, measured by the PWC, will be transferred to the School.

Fig. 3.
Purposes of the experiment
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