Non-profit Company «Space – Science and Technology» (ANO «Cosmos-NT»)

The company was established by several research institutes and industrial
companies from Russia's space sector for conducting R&D in aerial and space multispectral imaging.

Has a licence of the Russian Space Agency ¹ 837K of December 28, 2007 for «Creation of scientific and housekeeping instrumentation for studying space and Solar system planets».
The main activity is aimed at the development of hard- and software for Earth remote sensing in visible and near-IR bands as well as means for the "Meteor-M" s/c coordinate and time referencing. The works are conducted in cooperation with the Optico-Physical department of the Space Research Institute.
ANO "Cosmos-NT" is ready to fulfil various R&D for other organizations within the framework of activity permitted by the Regulations.
Officials and Contact
Director – Eleonora A. Sukhanova
Chief Accountant – Yelena Yadvichuk

Address: 84/32 Profsoyuznaya str., 117819 Moscow
Tel/Fax: (7 495) 333-3088