Eliasberg Seminar on Mechanics, Control and Informatics
of the Space Research Institute (IKI)
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  • V. Prokhorenko, R. Nazirov
    (Space Research Institute)
    Selection of the Spacecraft Constellations in Frameworks of the IACG/ISTP Campaign 2

  • M. Pivovarov, A. Zakcharov, G. Veselova, E. Djujeva, L. Blinova, I. Sidorov, V. Frolov
    (Space Research Institute)
    Space Based Automated Module. Methods of Trajectory and Docking Control

  • J.Cl.Kosik
    (Division Mathematiques Spatiales, CNES, Toulouse)
    Star Pattern Identification : Application to the Presize Attitude Determination of the Auroral Spacecraft