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This Home Page maintains the Situation Analysis of the multisatellite INTERBALL mission and its coordination with other simultaniouse Space Physics missions. The INTERBALL project includes two satellites with its subsatellites: TAIL PROBE launched at 3 August 1995 and AURORAL PROBE launched at 29 August 1996.

The subject of the INTERBALL mission investigation is the Earth's magnetosphere . The situation analysis is based on the orbit calculations and satellite position localization relative to the simulative magnetospheric structures.

Ballistic center of the M.V. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences (KIAM RAN) provides the definition of the orbital elements by using the orbital radio measurements.

IKI Satellite situation center (IKI SSC) provides the satellites motion calculation and prediction of the orbital situations. The produced tabular and graphical information is available via WWW and FTP.

The Scientific Community and Operation Group use the situation analysis results for the mission science planning and coordination with groundbased investigations.

Developed for the multiprobes INTERBALL project standard of the multiprobe's situation presentation was successfully transmitted to the multimission situation analysis.

The INTERBALL - GEOTAIL - POLAR relative situation analysis is used for coordinated measurement planning and data analysis in the INTERAGENCY Space Physics campaigns 1995 - 1998.

The orbital elements of the NASA space physics missions are distributed by the IACG (InterAgency Consultative Group). This data are available as anonymous via WWW and FTP service of the INTERNET.

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